Tanzanite Guardian Angel

A promise of guidance and protection

A display of rare natural gemstones

So you never lose your way

the browns southern cross

The Southern Cross, only visible from the southern hemisphere, was used by ancient Mariners to guide them home. Today, this contemporary interpretation is a reminder so that you never lose your way.

Flowers that last Forever

The protea collection

As in nature, the secret to perfection is the balance between functionality and aesthetic beauty. Inspired by one of South Africa’s most unique and beautiful national treasures, the Browns Protea Setting considers both function and form. Petals cradle and protect whilst optimal light enhances the diamond’s brilliance and scintillation.

Cognac Diamonds

natural fancy cognac diamonds

Rich amber colours, mellow and smooth. Like a fine french cognac, these rare natural brown diamonds are the perfect blend of tradition, style and sophistication.

Precious Gemstones

ruby, emerald, and sapphire set with diamonds

This collection consists of the finest rubies, emeralds and sapphires, set with round brilliant diamonds.

True Love lasts an Eternity

diamond eternities

A collection of stackable diamond eternity bands to celebrate your special moments in time. Each band can stand alone or be used to create your own unique combination.

Tennis Bracelet

Jewellery's little black dress

One of jewellery’s most iconic designs and a corner stone of classic design. This “little black dress" of diamond jewellery will forever be in style.


For your past, your present, your future

The three diamonds represent your past, your present and your future. The center diamond is the largest and most important because it represents the present, the only moment which is n our control.

Precious Garden

ruby, emerald, sapphire