A brilliant sparkle that captures the beauty
of limitless passion and the radiance of true love.


Browns Bridal

It is estimated that in her lifetime, a woman views her engagement ring one million times. A Browns diamond ensures it is always a pleasurable experience.

The Protea Collection

Quintessentially South African

As in nature, the secret to perfection is the balance between functionality and aesthetic beauty. Inspired by one of South Africa’s most unique and beautiful national treasures, the Browns Protea Setting considers both function and form. Petals cradle and protect whilst optimal light enhances the diamond’s brilliance and scintillation.

Love's Embrace

“The strength of a man isn’t seen in the power of his arms, it’s in the love with which he embraces a woman.”

The 1934 Engagement Ring

Named 1934 in celebration of our heritage this vintage inspired engagement ring is a tribute to 80 years of fine craftsmanship.

Queen of my Heart

For the true Romantic

‘I will bravely go to battle if it’s your love I win. A war so worthy that I cannot dare lose, for you are my everything, my very soul, my every thought, my full devotion. For you my love, there is nothing I wouldn’t do. I will go to the end of the earth for you, fight for your honour, protect your heart and obey your every wish. I will never love another as I do you. I am your king and you are the queen of my heart.’

Browns Bridal

Every once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a Fairytale.

The Halo Engagement Ring

Fit for an Angel

A halo of diamonds surround the centre stone, a promise of guidance and protection.

Protea Princess

The perfect beginning to any fairytale

Our signature Protea design set with a princess cut diamond


For your past, your present, your future

The three diamonds represent your past, your present and your future. The center diamond is the largest and most important because it represents the present, the only moment which is in our control.

Browns Bridal

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope. - Maya Angelou

The Georgian Engagement Ring

Inspired by the regal designs of late 17th century France, this antique style engagement ring speaks of the chivalry, romance and passion of this era.

Fancy Shaped Diamonds

Which shape is for you?

Square-cut or Pear-shaped, these rocks don’t lose their shape

Diamond Eternities

True love lasts an eternity

A collection of stackable diamond eternity bands to celebrate your special moments in time. Each band can stand alone or be used to create your own unique combination.

Ergofit for Men


Every man deserves a precious wedding band.